What can we expect from the iPhone 5

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There are plenty of rumors about iPhone 5, which Apple rumored to announce in June 2011. We can distinguish three main assumptions in the stream of speculations.

1. Will Apple release an iPhone Nano this summer?

Business newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, report citing their sources that Apple will release an iPhone Nano this summer. The phone rumored to be smaller and cheaper than the iPhone 4. iPhone Nano will be less power. Estimated price is $200 without a contract. iPhone will compete with a cheaper Android based phones.

2. Apple iPhone to adopt display size to 4-inches

Flagship Android phones use 4-inches displays. According to the Digitimes’s source next generation iPhone will get a larger display. This will allow the iPhone to compete with Samsung Galaxy S, Google Nexus One, Dell Streak, etc. iPhone May could have A5 processor too.

3. Apple will release a phone with a physical keyboard

The least plausible rumor. According to the Taiwanese website Apple is testing three iPhone 5 prototypes. One of them is equipped with a physical keyboard. We do not believe in this report. It is well known fact: Steve Jobs hates buttons!

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Dell Latitude D600 Notebook

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Redesigning the award winning Latitude series, Dell introduces the Latitude D600 notebook. It comes with a combination of features and designs including an integrated wireless networking technology and a Tri-Metal chassis.


General features:


The general features on this includes a moonlit silver coloured body, user-friendly design and an improved layout, which provides easy access to the modular bay. It uses the D/Port advanced port replicator or D/Dock expansion station, as well as the new space-saving D/View notebook stand, which comes very useful and handy. An integrated smart card and Gigabit Ethernet capability, dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) wireless antennas and optional Bluetooth connectivity is provided, based on customer requirements for “future-proofing” and investment protection. It comes in a very thin and light body, with a weight of 4.68 lbs. It is an ultimate combination of performance, price and portability.



Technical specifications:


  • It has a Standard Wi-Fi capability with a facility of choosing between the integrated Dell TrueMobile 1300 wireless 802.11b/g and Intel PRO wireless 2100 802.11b miniPCI card.


  • It uses the Intel Pentium M Processors with 1.3GHz, 1.4GHz, or 1.6GHz combined with Intel 855PM Chipset.


  • It has a system memory of up to 2GB DDR (266Mhz)


  • With an ATI Mobility RADEON 9000 Video Graphics with 32MB of DDR dedicated memory, the Latitude D600 notebook definitely rocks!


  • It has hard drives of 20GB, 30GB or 60GB with a high-performance (5400 RPM) 40GB


  • There is an Integrated Smart Card reader inside.


  • What more, it comes with a three-Year limited warranty with next business day onsite service!


With all these features, it is simply an awesome product worth for the fast paced professionals. A wonderful notebook will have all the required up-to-date features, which further enhance the effectiveness of the Dell Latitude D600 notebook.


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BLACKBERRY PEARL 8100 Mobile Phone

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The newly introduced is one of the world’s smart phones and targeted mainly at business professionals who are using emails frequently. It looks stylish and small enough with the ultimate combination of both looks and performance.




Blackberry Pearl 8100 looks slim and fits in your hands so compactly with appealing black body united with the chrome trims on both the sides. It weighs only 89.5g, so that you can take it everywhere without the sensation of mobile phone in your pocket.




The Blackberry Pearl 8100 mobile phone has QWERTY soft keyboards that are physically larger to type the text fast and easy. This device supports an astonishing 256K colour display screen with amazing quality as well as clarity.


The Blackberry Pearl 8100 comes with 1.3 megapixel built-in digital camera (with 5x digital zoom) that takes good images and pictures by camera phone standards. Another notable feature in this Pearl 8100 is the integrated Bluetooth connectivity that supports Headset, Hands-Free and Serial Port profiles.


Messaging features are quite amazing and it supports SMS, MMS and has a facility of wireless internet too. The Blackberry Pearl 8100 phone allows you to download more interactive animated games and java applications. In addition to this, the Pearl 8100 supports Polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. GPRS facility helps you to transfer the data fast, but lacking of Infrared feature will disappoint you a little bit.

  The triple band facility in this Pearl 8100 enables you to stay connected with all around the world. In addition to this, the phone uses the latest battery that has a capacity of 15 days stand by time and can support more than 3.5 hours talk time.




The Blackberry Pearl 8100 is ideal for business professionals and it offers everything that you would expect from this small phone including web browser, email, organizer applications etc. Few drawbacks are the lacking of infrared feature, unable to shoot video and limited Bluetooth profiles.


The Blackberry Pearl 8100 can be configured for several reasons, easy to use, high - end model, email purposes etc. It is a great looking device compared to other phones in the market.


, at Missphones.co.uk.

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All about Free Samples

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It is a natural excitement to receive something for free without spending anything and free samples delights savvy freebie hunters by allowing them to save a fortune. Free samples are services or products offered for free without spending a penny. Companies offer free samples when a new product is launched or an already launched product has to
compete in the market. The intention of the companies on offering free samples to customers is to make them try and stick to a particular product, thus enabling building a long term business relationship. However, free samples always comes in small quantities, thus companies need not lose anything on giving them away. Moreover, it’s a promotional strategy that saves more money spent on advertisements. Customers are able to try a product before spending larger sum of money in a bigger product version of it.

There are lot of sources to find . Companies offer free sample mostly along with the purchase of a well established product. Some companies even mail free samples, but that is not a cost effective method, so it is not widely used. Some can be received outside the department stores where sales people give them to customers with an effective demonstration. Prominent pharmaceutical companies have their own sales representatives to give out free drug samples to the doctors. Thus receiving free samples is made easy.

Recent popularity of the internet allows finding free samples a simple task by allowing you to acquire them directly through the company websites in the comfort of your home. You just need to register with the company and give your mailing address to receive the free samples.

Free samples can be found in many or freebie websites. These sites save your time by displaying all the popular merchants offering free samples in one place and saves money not only with free samples, but also offers sale information, discount voucher codes and free competitions for you to save more.

Free samples can be anything including cosmetics, food samples, digital products, software applications and plenty more. These free samples are also offered in the form of free trials that should be utilised within a particular period of time for free.

Free samples are really valuable for customers to get benefited with certain products and services. It is an unhazardous method helping consumers to make their shopping decision.

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LG LAN9600 Sat Nav System

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LG Electronics is the gem on producing a wide range of IT products and consumer electronics in the world. LAN - 9600R Navigation system with 7″ LCD motorised monitors in dash unit included with MP3 player, DVD, CD and radio.

This unit integrated with 1 GB internal memory and with high resolution of 480 X 234 pixels. LAN-9600R with GPS receiver includes 8.7 GB map data and compiles Europe Map Navigation. LG LAN600 is familiar with SiRF Star III GPS receiver. It also has hands free Blue Tooth Kit with 1 DIN format and this unit can transfer some music with USB port and allows connecting thumb drive.

The Unit features rear facing camera facility, On Screen menu, JPEG photo from flash memory card and MPEG video from flash memory card. It is compiled with front keys, Touch panel and IR Remote control for intuitive user interface.

The LAN-9600R search destinations with wide ranges of POI’s, Address and has apparent voice guidance with multiple path route planning.

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About Amplifiers

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Amplifiers are devices that used to convert small amount of signals into large amount energy. Amplifies are mostly used in audio based products. Amplifies has been tend with output range with the power ratio: G (db) =10log (out/in). Amplifiers have an important key conception named bandwidth. This has been defined as upper and lower level power points as BW.

have the points of Slewrate. Slewrate function in an amplifier when a signal reaches the maximum point of the signal. Amplifiers are classified into different level classes. Class A, class B, class AB, class C, class D, and more classes. Class A type of amplifiers are very low in complex and flip in size which are generally used for less power consuming devices. Class B contains two sets of output devices which individually conduct half cycle (180 degree) of input signal.

Class A and class B are compromised in Class AB. Here the input the signal level varies and rises above 180 degree. These are used in mobile phones, cell towers, television. Class C are well known for high power consumption. This will conduct input signals less than 180 degree. All the signals are tuned in circuit and the performance is much higher than all other classes.

Class D achieves high power more than 90 degree in all latest designs. Amplifiers are made with various devices which can b differentiated as Vacuum tune amplifiers, Transistors amplifiers, operations amplifiers, Video amplifiers, Fully differential amplifier, Distributed amplifier, and more.

There are brands which offer amplifiers with best quality; few are Denon, Cambridge, Teac, Harman, and Yamaha, Sony.

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Advantages of using Food processors

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Serious about cooking lovely dishes for your family? Want them to enjoy your cooking? Ok agreed that you are an awesome cook, but what if time is an important constraint in your cooking. Here’s presenting you food processors, the best and easy way to cook in a lesser time frame!

I am sure many of you are aware of , as you would have seen your mom, grandma or even your friend using one at home. Food processors contain different blades of various shapes, sizes and thickness, to help you shred, cut, chop, or even peel fruits and vegetables. This helps you save lot of time chopping and cutting the food items, to get them ready for cooking. At times you might have also felt that even cooking the food does not require as much time as cutting and getting them ready for cooking! Fresh salads, salsas, different curries etc can be made sans the cutting time, thanks to food processors.

Other work like kneading the dough to make bread is done easily, by putting all the essential requirements and getting it ready-to-be-baked, right from the processor! There are various types of food processors in the market. Some even offer blenders that help in making soups, crush ice for smoothies, juices, etc even while processing on other food items!

So it definitely goes without saying that Food processors are definitely advantageous to anyone who wants to handle the kitchen neatly and manage their time effectively!

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Angel Juicer - AIM-2506 Review

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Substantive amount of minerals and vitamins are rich in fruits and vegetables. The fibre in it gives quite a lot of health values; additionally there are benefits when juiced. The concentrated juice gets into the bloodstream rapidly. Angel launched a new model juicer AIM 2506. It extracts juices from variety of fruits and vegetables including wheat grass.

Angel Juicer AIM 2506 uses a twin 3-step pressure screw and 107″ feeding chamber with 43.18mm chute opening. The has complete control over switches, Main switch at rear and incorporated with Stop, forward and Reverse switches. The design of the juicer is constructed efficiently and with highest eminence. Motor is also stuffed with fan, thermal protection device to avoid over heat. It also has a special Reverse Safety feature which is utilized when jamming or overload, it can be unfilled with reverse switch. It is also featured with Extra Rocker Switch, Reinforcement of Switch Panel, Automatic Heat Sensor, Double Protection of motor and Main Housing Unit, Internal Gear Protection, Double Protection of Screen Housing

The Motor power consumption of AIM 2506 is 180 W / 1/4 HP and 3 HP grinding force. The Power voltage varies from 240 V / AC / 50Hz. The Juicer functions with Twin Gear System with 82 R.P.M. The Gear is built with 304 grade stainless steel. It derives with Silver and Gold .The Juicer weighs 26.46 Ib and the dimensions measures 15inch length, 12 inch Width and 7 inch height. Angel Juicer is FDA approved, GS certified and safety standard & marks for worldwide countries.

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Panasonic TX26LXD70 LCD TV

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The 26″, 66cm HD available Panasonic TX26LXD70 LCD TV with V - Real technology and Ultra Wide viewing angle, gives the ultimate viewing experience! Winner of the What Hi-fi Sound and Vision, Awards Issue and What Home Cinema, August 2007 awards, this is definitely made to rule.

Certain Characteristic features of the Panasonic TX26LXD70 LCD TV include:

Viera Link

V-Real 2 Engine

IPS Alpha Panel

Integrated Freeview

HDMI x 2

100Hz Motion Picture Pro - Double Speed Response


  • Wide IPS HD Panel:
  • This LCD gives a wonderful TV viewing angle of a whooping 178 degrees, both vertically and horizontally. The resolution comes to about 1366 x 768.

  • V - real 2 Processor:
  • It has a digital processing chipset of 1080 pixels. Also has a digital re - mastering processor of 1080 pixels.

  • Colour and contrast management:
  • For Double Speed Response, it has a 100Hz Motion Picture Pro. It also has an Intelligent screen controller with 8500:1 contrast. A sub - pixel controller and an advanced 3D colour management system helps to give the ultimate TV viewing experience.

  • Easy - to - use features:
  • It has a 10W - 10W audio - video bottom speaker system. Also a PC input to have the best experience while viewing multimedia and photos etc from the PC and 2 HDMI, for effective viewing.

    All this at affordable price only make the Panasonic TX26LXD70 LCD TV more affordable and easy to use. The state - of - the - art LCD monitor and accessories, only make it more irresistible to own!

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Motorola again have released a latest version mobile phone in the market known as . This RIZR is a beautiful phone with very attractive cool blue backlighting on the keypad. This is a superslim slide version mobile from Motorola which created a good impact on the overall users mind.


The Motorola RIZR Z3 is measuring about 106 x 46 x 16mm and weighs 115g with the latest version of user interface. This device is pretty slim and looks attractive in nature.


The Motorola RIZR Z3 black mobile is well equipped with 2 mega pixel camera that delivers the pictures with clarity and quality. In addition to this, there’s a video recording option and an MPEG4 video playback feature in the media player. And also the display of the RIZR Z3 comes with TFT technology that supports 262K colours and a good resolution of 176 x 220 pixels.

The Motorola RIZR Z3 black mobile is a good entertainer too, it has a music player that has a capacity to play the formats like AAC, AAC+, AAC+ Enhanced, MP3, MPEG4 and AMR NB. Along with these feature, an optional Bluetooth stereo headset is also available for your convenience.

In addition to this, the Motorola RIZR Z3 supports various types of messaging features such as SMS, MMS, EMS , Instant Message and E mail (POP3/IMAP). Another remarkable feature is that it has 16 Mbytes as internal memory and also has external memory with MicroSD memory card that has storage capacity up to 2 Giga bytes.

The RIZR supports quad band and it has a very good battery life. Apart from these aspects, it has other general features that all mobiles possess such as organizer, alarm, phonebook etc. This device supports a talk time of 400 minutes and a standby time up to 350 hours.


The Motorola RIZR Z3 is an inspiring and nice looking handset enhanced with all advanced functions. This model is more user-friendly and it would be your best friend forever.

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